Toner and Ink

Looking for toner or ink for your printer?

Over the years, many people have asked about supplies for their printer.  It is a fact that the cost of your printer itself is a very small proportion of your “cost of ownership”.  Always buy the most expensive printer that you can justify provided that you can obtain low-cost ink or toner for it.

I run a big printer with big toner cartridges.  If I bought the manufacturer’s own brand, I would be paying upwards of £1,500 for a complete set of four.  Ouch!! 
That works out at a theoretical 3.16p per page.

What I buy are refilled cartridges.  They work perfectly well and they do not invalidate any warranty.  (And even if they did, the money I save would more than pay for a new printer!)  I’ve just bought a new set of four.  They cost me £255 and work out at 0.5p per page.**

Those figures may be a bit eye-watering but the proportions stay the same.  One small inkjet printer can be fed with “genuine” cartrides at around £21 each – or for £3.74 for a remanufactured one.  The printer costs about £70 so every five cartridges, you have saved more than the cost of your printer!

When buying remanufactured cartridges, go for a reputable seller. 

For many years I have used a firm called Internet Ink who have supplied reliable materials.  They have become a bit pricier recantly (for me!) and I have recently transferred my alleigiance to a firm called (officially) Solar Electronics Ltd, though they trade as
(Why the name? Well it’s memorable isn’t it? Enough said!)

I’ll keep reporting back – but so far so good.  (And they support their local parish church!)

** Cost per page is worked out on a standard test print – it often gives a slightly rosy view of what you can expect, especially if you start printing photographs!