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If you are having problems with your email system, it can be difficult to make contact, even to ask for help!  The answer is simply to click the "Comment" button above (don't worry - your comment won't go live!).  Make sure that you give some means of contacting you, either a phone number or an email address that is NOT affected by any problem you are having - and I will respond.

You won't find all of the latest hi-tech stuff here - Woodchip Computers is committed to providing simple, basic access and help for those among us that believe that Rocket Science is best reserved for rocket scientists.

The menu above will, as time passes, become a little fuller of material that you may well find useful.

Perhaps the main thing you are looking for is how to contact Woodchip, so you can talk to a real person...

Email the proprietor, Chris Wright

Phone the office: 01535 634526

(I am normally about during office hours - and in the early part of the evening.
Please don't phone after 8.00pm unless it is very urgent.)

Woodchip Computers specialises in the care of computers in your home or office. We look after, in particular, the websites for a number of churches and the income from this goes to support the hosting of websites and other internet facilities for all the Dioceses of the Episcopal Church in South Sudan and Sudan, which is provided to them at no cost.

Internet Ink new logo

 We buy our printer ink and laser toner cartridges from Internet-Ink.com
We are happy to recommend them as we find that their prices are very competitive and their deliveries reliable.
If you make a second order for ink cartridges, they will give you a code for a generous 10% discount on top of this!

For a short discussion on the use of compatible inks and toners vs the manufacturer's own,
see the Inks and Toners page.